Join our training sessions!

Everyone who has come by at one of our training sessions, has to admit that their view on martial arts (sports and traditional) has changed a little bit. So, don’t wait and join us! One note though: just taking a look is not enough, you have to participate.

Any previous experience in any sort of martial art is not needed. On the contrary it might even be counter-productive. Keep that in mind.

Important 1! Please notify the trainer before you pass by to avoid that you either won’t be able to get in due to a locked door, or would be the sole person to arrive due to an unforeseen cancellation of the training.

The trainer, Achim Steigert, can be reached on his mobile: +32 (0) 485 / 99.05.12

Important 2! We are a club in the Dutch-speaking region of Belgium, this means that in the first place, our target audience are Dutch-speaking people and as such the training sessions are held primarily in Dutch. Nevertheless we welcome people whose native language isn’t Dutch and will try to accommodate to help.

Place of training

We train in the gym of a local community school of the district Deurne (part of the city of Antwerp).
The address of our dōjō is:

Gemeentelijke Basisschool “Het Baronneke”
Baron Leroystraat 31
2100 Deurne (Antwerp)

Using public transport, you can reach the school with bus 19 and tram 5.

Training hours and dates

Every Friday evening starting at 8pm until 10pm.
Members of the board and/or the trainer are usually present at 7:45pm.

Please keep in mind that up to 8pm a dance group is using the gym, so try not to disturb them.

With the help of the list with scheduled training dates you can check whether a training is scheduled for coming Friday.

What to take with you?

Not much.

A long tracksuit bottom (or sweatpants or gym pants) with a T-shirt will suffice. The T-shirt may have long sleeves. In the gym we use for training there are no tatami mats available, so wear indoor sport shoes to avoid training on your socks.
If you already have a dōgi from jūdō, jūjutsu or karate(dō) then you may definitely wear that.

And the most important bit: do not forget your good mood! A training should be fun. When someone is reluctant or visibly dislikes what we are doing, then no one is happy especially yourself that you visited us.

Do not forget to notify us!

Let’s repeat what has been said at the top of this page: do not forget to notify us that you’re coming. A training can suddenly be cancelled due to unforeseen reasons, and you might be waiting in front of a locked door.

You can read above, at the top of the page, who you need to contact. See the paragraph: “Important 1!”

Becoming a member?

When you think that this is it and can’t wait to become a member, you’ll find all information here on becoming a member.