Becoming a member

Free trial sessions

Every person who would like to become a member has a right of the training sessions for free during 3 consecutive weeks. This is mainly to see whether what we practise is exactly what you would like to do as well. One note: 3 consecutive weeks means that you need to join those trail sessions in one go without interruptions.

Minimum requirements before joining

The only immediate requirement to join, is having the minimum age of 16 years old in the year someone wants to join. This decision is taken in regards to security, liability and maturity.

Membership fee

Following possibilities are offered:

140 EurosYearly membership. A member can join all available listed classes, including those within school holiday periods.
50 EurosOnly for those members that join classes given during school holiday periods.
10 EurosSingle participation to a class without becoming a member. This is needed to satisfy insurance requirements, etc.

Regarding the regular yearly fee, a discount of 10 Euros per person for which multiple members of a single family become a club member. For example: father, son and daughter are becoming a member. The father pays 140 Euros, the son 130 and the daughter 120. There is a bottom limit of 100 Euros, a higher discount will not be awarded.

The membership fee is counted per 12 months and we start around the end of the trail period.
Following items are included in the fee:

  1. Membership of the dōjō (i.e. to rent the gym)
  2. Insurance

Other things like a dōgi (training suite also wrongly called kimono) is not part of the fee and will have to be bought separately.

Depositing the fee can be done on the following bank account:

  • IBAN: BE06 0014 0901 4522

Extra obligatory necessities

After becoming a member, you are expected to buy a black standard dōgi, preferably one being used for jūdō or jūjutsu. The trainer will assist, mainly this way you get a discount on the price.

Protection (like breast or crotch protection, …) is something we usually don’t use but we don’t mind if someone would like to wear anything to protect their body.

When you already own a white dōgi then you may paint it black and you don’t really need to buy anything at all.

Training weapons are provided by the club in the beginning of your training career but after a while it is expected that the member buy some types of weapons themselves. Primarily this needed because the club cannot foresee a lot of cash to provide every member with a set of training weapons.